Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cite this work?
Wee, Lian-Hee and Winnie H.Y. Cheung. 2009. An animated and narrated glossary of terms used in linguistics. Hong Kong Baptist University. [web resource, accessed <date>,]

Who do I write to for permissions, questions, comments etc?
Please write to Lian Hee at or click here.

Is this resource free for all?
It is open-access and is thus freeware. You are free to use it subject to the usual copyright restrictions on reproduction and storage of the material. If you're unsure, please feel free to write to us.

Why can't I view the shows?
The shows are constructed with the Powerpoint application of Microsoft Office 2003. If you do not have this program, there might be some difficulties. If what you have is the Powerpoint Viewer, you can see the shows in fullscreen format. In this case, you have to hit ESC at the end of each show to get out of the fullscreen.
Also, it was constructed for IE7 in a WinXP environment. If you use Windows Vista and/or Microsoft Office 2007, you may have to save the shows to run them.
If you use Mozilla Firefox, you have to hit ESC at the end of each show to get out of the fullscreen.
If you use NETSCAPE, the shows won't run at all though you can still access the notes which are in PDF.

Why can't I view the IPA fonts?
They IPA fonts used in this glossary is ipapan.TTF. You can download this at If this does not work properly, try If both fails, please write to us and we will help you.

Why can't I view the notes?
The notes are in PDF. To read them, you will need Adobe Reader, the latest can be downloaded for free.

Too slow?
The PPT shows are rather large because of the recordings. It may take a while to download and play if you have a slow connection or a slow processor. Sorry.